Upcoming Events
Wed  |  August 1  |  10:00 am
ISOSWO Board Meeting
Wed  |  August 1  |  12:00 am
25-Hour Landfill Operator Training
Wed  |  August 15  |  9:30 am
Solid Waste Roundtable-Environmental Covenants


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Register now for SWANApalooza and SAVE 

Early bird registration is now open for SWANApalooza and the SWANA Spring Training Center taking place March 5-7, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Register today at https://swana.org/Events/SWANApalooza.aspx and save!

SWANApalooza is the brand name for four SWANA events combined into one location to provide a significant learning experience, saving you time and travel to multiple events. SWANApalooza features the Annual Landfill Gas and Biogas Symposium, the Annual Landfill Symposium, and the Road to Zero Waste Conference, along with the Spring Training & Exam Center.

The solid waste industry is changing, with hot topics including safety, technology advances, and food scrap disposal at the top of the conversation list.


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