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2019 Bylaw Amendments

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

At the August Board of Directors meeting, the board approved the final consideration of the proposed bylaw changes and approved a membership vote to be included on the 2019 Ballot. Below is a summary of what is changing and why. Members are encouraged to review the proposed Bylaw Amendments.


SWANA instituted new bylaws effective July 1, 2019, that altered the governance structure of the organization. SWANA is now governed by a 21-member Board of Directors from across North America. This group is responsible for setting strategic direction and overseeing the association’s operations and policy positions. The SWANA Board of Directors receives input from an Advisory Board made up of delegates from all SWANA chapters, technical divisions, private sectors, and youth professional members. SWANA is requiring all state chapters to update their Chapter Bylaws to conform with SWANA’s new governance structure. State chapters are required to have their bylaws amended and filed with SWANA prior to October 15, 2019.

The ISOSWO’s bylaws committee has been working to achieve this deadline. Draft amendments have been prepared by the bylaws committee under guidance provided by SWANA. The amendments have been reviewed by SWANA’s general counsel to ensure conformity with Iowa State Law and SWANA’s new governance structure. The proposed amendments have been recommended by ISOSWO’s bylaws committee and approved by the ISOSWO Board of Directors. Prior to adoption, the bylaw amendments must be confirmed by a majority vote by the full ISOSWO membership. Members can vote to approve these amendments on ISOSWO's 2019 Ballot.

A summary of the key revisions are as follows:

  • Existing references to "International Board" have been changed to "SWANA Board." 
  • Existing references to "Chapter Director" have been changed to "Advisory Board Delegate" and provide for his/her election for a two-year term (beginning July 1 and ending June 30). Rights and responsibilities of the Advisory Board Delegate shall be governed by the SWANA Policy Manual.
  • Added Article X that acknowledges the regional Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which is a key part of SWANA’s governance for the foreseeable future.

Download 2019 Bylaw Amendments

Once you have reviewed this information, make sure to complete the 2019 Ballot by Sept. 23.