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Election Runoff for Board Vacancy

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Annual Vote Leads to Election Runoff

At the Annual Meeting held yesterday, three board members retained their seats: Dan Bacehowski, Lauren Norland, and Garrett Prestegard. Due to a tie for the fourth vacancy, an election runoff is now being held. The Bylaw Amendments also passed with a 60-1 vote.

Election Runoff Ballot

The fourth vacancy is a 1-year term, and this election runoff will complete the 11-member board. There are two nominees: Michael McCoy and Angie Ullman. The individual who receives the most votes will be elected to the board vacancy. Their bios are included in the ballot.

[ Download the Ballot

Ballots Due Oct. 25

Return completed ballot NO LATER THAN October 25, 2019, by mail, fax or email (with Read Receipt) to:

Jennifer Frampton, Secretary
1736 Highway T17
Tracy, Iowa 50256
Fax: 641-842-3722
Email: jframpton@sciswa.org