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WASTECON Sponsorship - Deadline Extended

Submit Your Application by Aug. 30, 2019

Are you new to the solid waste industry and would like the opportunity to learn more about the practices and concepts that shape the world you work in? If so, you can submit a short essay for a chance to receive a sponsorship from the ISOWSO chapter to travel to and attend WASTECON from Oct. 21-24 in Phoenix, AZ.

If you meet the following requirements and are willing to complete the following, download the application form today!

  • Are interested in receiving a FREE 1-year membership to SWANA and ISOSWO.
  • Able to attend WASTECON in from Oct. 21-24 in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Have worked in the solid waste industry for 5-years or less or are under the age of 35.
  • Letter of recommendation from solid waste agency board member or supervisor who is an ISOSWO member in good standing.
  • Essay – 1,000 words or less describing your commitment to ISOSWO and your dedication to the solid waste industry in Iowa. Please focus on what benefit ISOSWO will receive by sponsoring your attendance to WASTECON. Completed application form and signed release statement.
  • Electronic submittals are encouraged if possible. If electronic submittal is not possible, submit at least one original and one copy of application form and submittal materials.
  • Agree to represent Iowa in the opening ceremony as the flag-bearer.
  • Agree to present to the ISOSWO board a summary of your experience following attendance of WASTECON.
  • Agree to prepare a write up for ISOSWO’s e-newsletter summarizing the benefit you received from attendance and why other members should attend future WASTECON events. Write up should include photos from your experience at the event.




Questions and applications can be submitted to:

Mary Wittry | mwittry@carrollcountylandfill.com

ISOSWO Chapter Director
c/o Carroll County Solid Waste Management
19111 Kittyhawk Ave.
Carroll, IA 51401