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Fri  |  December 14  |  8:00 am
Appliance Demanufacturing
Tue  |  December 18  |  1:30 pm
Disaster Debris Recovery Webinar
Fri  |  January 4  |  10:00 am
ISOSWO Board Meeting

Safety Resources


Accident Analysis and Investigation Form

Accident Investigation

Construction Industry OSHA Compliance Guide

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA Accident Form

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA Safety Plan

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA Medical Emergency Action Plan

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA New Employee Safety Briefing

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA Draft Boot Policy

Cedar Rapids Linn County SWA Scissor Lift SOP

City of Cedar Rapids Workforce Stretching Poster, Marilyn Fitzgerald

City of Cedar Rapids Range of Motion & Stretching Exercises, Marilyn Fitzgerald

Equipment Operator Training

Hand Injury Safety, National Precast Concrete Association. 

Hazard Recognition in Recycling (Free safety training classes from ISRI)

Heavy Equipment Safety Training (United States Mine Rescue Association)

Household Needles in MSW (Environmental Research and Education Foundation)

IMWCA Safety Resources

Lithium-ion Batteries: How Safe Are They?

Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) FAQs at CRLCSWA January 2017

OSHA Guide for Small Entities that deal with silica dust in the construction industry.  This document contains good information for many solid waste facilities, especially those that tackle small construction projects with in house staff.

OSHA Update under Trump Administration

Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment Form (True North)

Roll-off Container Doors-Opening Safely, ISRI

Safety Audit Checklist

Slip Trip & Fall Handbook (IMWCA)

SWANA Hurricane and Flood Disaster Resources

SWANA Safety Resources

SWANA Safety PowerPoint presentation (updated March 2018)

SWANA Hauler Safety Toolkit (2018)

Trade Waste Safety Manual (City of New York)

WorkSAFE Heavy Machinery Operator Safety Rules

Waste Commision of Scott County Safety Policy (Slides)


Fall Prevention-Three points

 Slips, Trips & Falls-The fatal half inch